Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter! with that nasty 4-letter word!

 We don't normally get a lot of snow around here and when we do, everything just about grinds to a halt!  It snowed all afternoon with about 2 - 3 inches accumulation and now the snow has turned into sleet or freezing rain.  I can hear it hitting the windows - ugh!

Fortunately, all our children are finally home safe and sound or, in my granddaughter's case, waiting it out at a girlfriend's house.  Our son got into a relatively minor accident going home from work but is fine and safe now at his home.

Our feathered friends have drained the bird feeders at least twice today.
 And not only that, but they've been fighting for position and lining up for an opportunity to feed.  We have a covered porch and there's been a "welfare line" all day!  It's the same with the feeder in the yard.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but look closely at the middle photo.  We watched as at least 10 Eastern Bluebirds crammed into this tiny bluebird house seeking shelter from the snow!  Not only that but others come and go trying to get in too.  Fortunately we have several of these houses scattered across the property and I hope they all can find shelter. 
There were a plethora of robins just yesterday but they have utterly disappeared!  I don't know where they shelter in bad weather but I hope they stay warm enough!

I know people who are used to this kind of weather laugh at us but 1) we rarely get snow and just don't have the kind of equipment necessary for dealing with it.  2)  most people aren't experienced with driving in it nor even knowing how to help keep their homes warm, prepare for power outages and that sort of thing.  Then too, now that we're getting ice, our multitude of trees can add to the possibility of power failure let alone just the build-up of ice on the power lines!

So, hope you all just stay home if you're in the midst of this mess - just stay home and feed the birds!

One good thing is that my very last eye appointment was changed.  It had been scheduled for today but with the imminent snow storm, they worked me in yesterday and I finally got a contact lens that enables me to really see well!  It's been a little too chaotic around here to paint today but I hope to paint something while being so house bound!  I just hope we keep the electricity on!