Friday, May 9, 2014

One For Fun

Kurious Koi
Believe it or not, I'm still working in acrylics and just took this off the easel today.  Of course, like all my paintings, I'm putting it aside to "marinate" and see if anything else needs to be done with it.

This is painted on an all wet-media canvas sheet that I affixed to a prepared piece of hardboard with acrylic medium.  It's a painting surface that I really, really like and may be the reason I'm still using acrylic paints.  For some reason, they tend to go on smoother and handle better on this surface.

I'll try gouache with it next and see how that does and how it works with it.  I have a feeling it will do well but we'll see. 

Still have several paintings either in the works or in my head but have to admit, I'm finally running out of steam!  lol

You'll just have to watch this blog to see what else, if anything, I come up with!