Thursday, October 15, 2015

NCWAS Exhibition Visit

My husband and I visited the art exhibit at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum (see THIS post) today and it was a fun day in spite of sitting in the truck for 4 hours down there and 4 hours back home!  At least the weather was gorgeous and none of the flooding from the past week or so was much in evidence.

The exhibition was very nice and the art was all very well done and I wanted to show some photos I took while there and this is not all of the paintings.  I'm not a professional photographer and some just didn't come out well enough to post.  The ones below are purposely small but you can click on them to enlarge them some.

Two of the paintings I submitted are in the last photo above - the heron and the butterfly on the red flower.  I'd also taken another painting shown below, which I was told sold on the first day of the exhibition.

This is a painting that I particularly like because it's acrylic - yes, acrylic!  I felt this was the one acrylic painting that went well and where the struggle with the paint was worth it.  This photo is terrible as it's a copy of a copy but at least you'll know what painting sold.

Just wanted to bring everyone up to date and thought a blog post would do that! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harvest Time

These grapes were actually harvested about a month ago but so much has happened in the intervening weeks that I'm just now posting a photo of them.

Aren't they colossal?  That's a clementine thrown into the bunch just so you can get some perspective of the size of those grapes!

They came from seeds of some grapes left on a property that stayed deserted for quite some time.  My husband planted the seeds here on our farm, cared for the vines and now, several years later, look at the harvest!  The grapes seem to be of the Concord variety and are very sweet and juicy.  But, that's my husband.  He has a green thumb that just won't quit and can almost put a dead stick into the ground and get a beautiful tree from it!

We had such a bountiful harvest of these beauties that my husband decided to try wine making again after many years.  In the past, he's made some pretty good wine and we're hoping this batch will be good also.

The hard part is having to wait for it!