Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yep, The Wrens Have Babies!

Well, the Carolina Wrens have been busy for the past few days feeding the latest babies in the birdhouse on the porch.  It's always such a joy for them to nest on the porch where we can watch the goings on and (hopefully) be there when the little ones fly.

I guess you can see the birdhouse that my husband made has been painted - well, that's the primer coat at least!  He got tired of me procrastinating about it and slapped on the primer while he was painting the various bluebird houses we have around this past winter.  I still need to give it the final finish coats but it looks as if it will be a while!  There will probably be one more nesting before fall so I won't disturb it until we're sure there won't be any more need for the house this year.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Those Whites!

I've not been painting a whole lot recently but an art forum I belong to posted a challenge on painting whites. 

Most non-artists think painting white is easy.  Most artists know how difficult it really is!  White contains a myriad of color in varying intensities and it is very, very difficult to get the right balance.  In painting, everything needs to be simplified also so an artist can't really show all the colors they see in a white object or it would look uber strange to the uninitiated.

 Anyway, I tried and don't think I did too badly considering these were done in a very short time period and in my not so favorite medium of watercolor.

Both paintings are about 5X7'' on watercolor paper

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Wrens Are Back In Town!

Most of you know that my favorite bird is the little Carolina Wren.  Over the past couple of years we've had them nest on our covered porch just a foot or so from the kitchen door.  More of my time has been wasted watching these perky little birds than just about anything else I've done. 

Well, we've noticed a pair of them building a nest in the bird house we put up a couple of years ago.  However, the wrens will often build nests that they never use - decoy nests if you will.  Since the building of the nest in our birdhouse, we haven't really seen either of the wrens.  That doesn't mean they aren't using the nest though.  Last year we thought they'd nested somewhere else and it wasn't until the pair started to feed the babies that we realized that they had actually occupied the nest.  Like I said, this was less than 2 feet from our kitchen door which has an all glass storm door and which we keep open to allow light into the kitchen most of the time.

I'm giddy with excitement and will keep you posted on whether we have babies this year or not!  In the mean time, here's a painting I did of one of our fledglings last year.

 Carolina Wren Fledgling

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Pond - A Very Attractive Place

I know the pond looks pretty ragged right now.  My husband planted grass last fall and now it's really growing tall but we want it to so it will develop seed for resowing.  Also the banks look raw and eroded due to all the rain at one time.  And this spring has been the time for planting perennials which will bloom in the future.  Yes, the pond area is looking pretty sad but it's still very attractive to some visitors.

I guess since we've stocked the fish, the herons and the geese and ducks will be visiting more often!  The herons at least will fly fairly quickly if they see us and while the pond is a pretty good distance from the house, they have pretty sharp eyes.  I was only allowed to get this photo by hiding behind a porch pillar and using the zoom on my camera.

Hopefully, the Canada geese are too busy raising their families to realize that the pond now has fish as they're a nuisance that's harder to deter than the heron!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

After Nearly 30 Years

My husband's dream ever since we moved out here was to have a large pond.  It was something of a struggle just getting the pond built between weather and the personal problems of the first contractor we hired to do it.  But now the day has come when he's finally stocking the pond with fish. 

Now to wait another three years to start fishing!  lol

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Untitled Swans

Hello Boys and Girls, long time no post - again!  No excuses for not posting but it seems that I just hibernated this winter and it was only the advent of spring that awakened my creative juices again!  So, with no further ado let me present my first real painting of 2017!!!!!!

Gouache on Canvas

I'm not absolutely sure it's finished though, can't think of a good title and am still trying to figure out what to do with the frame!!!

Any input you can give would be most appreciated!    The frame is the only one I could find to fit  and I'm wondering if it would look better in another color, if so, what color would you suggest?  BTW, the frame is not yet attached to the painting so the horizon isn't as crooked as it looks here!

Now that I've awakened, I have several other paintings in the works so hopefully it won't be so long until my next post!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Another Bunny

It's been sort of slow going trying to paint bunny rabbits for my nephew and his wife for their nursery.  I did find out that they're having a little boy so do think they should be able to find a rabbit painting or two from what I've done.  Of course, they can have all of them if they want!

Here's the latest - it's pastel with an acrylic 'mat' on Art Spectrum's ColourFix Suede, a support I usually like for pastel work.

It's getting close to Christmas so hope everyone has their shopping done, travel plans made (or accomplished), the baking done and have had time to put up their feet and relax a little.  I wish all of you a very blessed Christmas season!  Of course, I'll post a card too in the coming days!