Wednesday, April 2, 2014

They've Arrived!

Well, the new Schminke Horadam gouache paints arrived a little while ago and I've been busy playing with them.  The first thing was making a color chart which I've posted to the left here.

I've also painted some on my painting just to test how much they'll lift if another color is painted over the top.  I need to let that dry thoroughly before I attempt to add another layer so will let you know about that at another time. 

As you can see, the colors are very rich and it's evident that a lot of pigment is used in these paints.  I wanted the Dark Blue Indigo for my painting and I ordered the other colors because Roz liked/recommended them in various posts, especially the Delft Blue.  Actually, I have a blue that's very similar to it in another brand but as this is supposed to be a single pigment color, I'm sure it will stay clear and not get muddied as easily. 

That Titanium Gold Ochre is luscious and you can take that to the bank as I am definitely not a fan of the colors of yellow or orange!  This color is somewhere in between yellow and orange and just glows.  Yellows and oranges are the least used colors when I've gotten sets in any media but I'm sure this will have a permanent place on my gouache palette.

And the Helio Turquoise is gorgeous - wish I'd had it a few months ago as it reminds me of clear tropical seas and warm climates!  After the winter we've had, it could easily become my favorite color!

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the proof of the paint is in the painting!  I plan to do some quick paintings and also get back to work on the cowboy painting to see how the paints work in the real world!  I have a feeling I may have to take back any whining about the cost of these paints and may even be tempted to order some more!

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