Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cecropia - WIP 4

I've finally gotten a chance to work more on the moth.  We've had tons of tomatoes to put up and after peeling one only to have it try to slip from my hand, I twisted my back trying to catch it.  It just wasn't comfortable to paint or really do much of anything.  I did make a large batch of tomato soup yesterday though.

Lest you think I'm joking or exaggerating the amount of tomatoes we're getting right now, I'll show you a photo of the harvest from the past two days!  And remember, I used a dozen or more in the soup I put into the freezer!

 Maybe now you can understand why I'm not too keen on the harvest when I have paintings in the works!  It takes forever to freeze any and the soup yesterday took most of the day to fix.

 But, I'm feeling good and in the mood to paint so the tomatoes will either just have to wait or my husband can take them to the food bank or something.  There are more coming in all the time anyway.

The Cecropia moth is coming along and looking much as I'd hoped it would.  Even though I'm never totally satisfied with my work, I'm relatively pleased with this one so far.  The bottom wings still need some work and the viewer's left wing isn't finished but I feel as if I've gotten quite a bit accomplished today.  After the moth is totally finished, I'll revisit the background.

So that's the update for now.  Hopefully more tomorrow!


Sue Clinker said...

Hope your back is more comfortable now.

I love home-made tomato soup (I make mine a little spicy) but we haven't grown tomatoes this year so waiting for bargains in the supermarket.

The moth looks beautiful - await the final picture

Jan said...

Yes, my back was much better yesterday and I made more tomato soup. Still can't get caught up on processing the tomatoes though! Oh, btw, I'd love your tomato soup recipe - I like spicy too.

The moth is finished, I hope, and I'll post a photo of it soon.