Monday, April 25, 2016

Gray Fox WIP Final - (I think)


If you've hung around my blog any at all, you know I like to let a painting sit for awhile before I officially call it finished but I think this is the best I can do.  Still, you never know -----  lol

I always get so attached to my animal subjects and I've thought of this fox as young and female since I started the painting.  I haven't given 'her' a name but the title of the painting has always been 'Not Your Usual Foxy Lady', in my mind at least.  It's sort of a play on words as most people don't even know there are gray foxes in the US.  Plus, they would probably be expecting a human woman or a red fox at the very least with that title.  But that's a long title for a painting and I'll have to see
 if that title stays. 

Anyway, calling it done for now.  Going back to the studio to see about painting the little Carolina Wrens that hatched in our Wren House!


Annette said...

Hi Jan ! Love it ! Is it for sale ? I am interested ! :)

Jan said...

Hi, Annette, thank you for your lovely comment. You can contact me for information about the painting at jgibsonartstudio@gmail if you're interested.
It's actually at a wildlife exhibition and has to be there until the middle of next month (provided it survives Hurricane Matthew, that is!) which is why I can't give you much information at this point. If you'll contact me, I can keep you apprised of the situation.

Thanks again for commenting!