Thursday, July 7, 2016


We thought we had one baby raccoon but discovered there are two of them!  Actually, we thought we saw two yesterday but when it didn't show up in all the time I was taking photos of the one, we thought we must have been mistaken.

These two don't seem to be really afraid of us and just go about snuffling the ground almost ignoring us.  I was able to get quite a bit closer today.  So, let me introduce you to TWO young raccoons!

They're really cute right now but I know they'll grow up quickly and can cause some damage with their curiosity so I'm really resisting the urge to feed them!  I don't want them to become dependent on us either.  It's hard to resist babies though, isn't it?

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Sue Clinker said...

I'd find it hard not to feed them ... but they are obviously finding enough natural food to keep them interested in your yard Jan. They're gorgeous aren't they?