Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Milk Paint Cupcake

I've been wanting to try casein paint for some time but just couldn't justify the expense when I have so many different paint media the way it is.  (Those of you who read this blog at all will know that I'm an art supply junkie!) 

Anyway, casein paint is made from milk and is an ancient art medium.  I'm told it behaves very much like gouache which is a favorite medium of mine and of which I have a full set.

Still, I like trying different media so when I saw some 'milk paint' at Hobby Lobby the other day, I had to pick up a bottle.  This paint is by Plaid and is for decorative purposes, not artist quality, so I only got the white color. 

I really enjoyed painting the cupcake above and now would really like some artist quality casein paints.


Sue Clinker said...

Looks good enough to eat ... except I don't have a sweet tooth.

Jan said...

Well, you can surprise David with a sweet treat! Thanks, why do the paintings you do with substandard material always come out better than expected? lol