Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tufted Titmouse

I've been on something of a bird painting kick lately even though this little Titmouse is the only one I've actually painted!

I'm just enamored of all the cheeky little birds we have here and I want to paint them all. 

The Titmice come to our feeder all winter but I just can't seem to photograph them as they dart in, grab a seed and leave quickly!  A wonderful bird photographer, Bob Vuxinic, gave me permission to use some of his photos for reference and this painting came from one of his photos.  Thanks so much, Bob!

This is gouache on Arches watercolor paper and was mainly painted to get a feel for the 'structure' of the bird.  I hope to paint the Titmouse again soon along with several other bird varieties.


Sue Clinker said...

I'm finally catching up with Blogger again! This is such a cute little bird. Lovely delicate colours in this painting.

Its not one we see here ...

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue, have since touched it up and ruined it but planned to do another anyway, so glad to have you back!