Sunday, June 7, 2015

Back to Painting

I'm sure you thought I had quit blogging altogether but the truth is, we've had some family issues that have occupied our lives and repeated trips to both Florida and Kansas have eaten into much of our time.

Unfortunately, my dear mother in law passed away and although my father is still active, he just had his 92nd birthday.  It's difficult to be so far from family so we do try to visit as much as we can while we still can.

I have been painting and continue to be inspired even though I haven't posted any art in some time.  And even though it's been some time since I've painted regularly in oils, I've done a couple of paintings in them.  And I still flit from one medium to another and have just finished a painting in pastel for a friend.  The colors aren't exact but are mostly ok.

And one of my favorite paintings in oil is the following painting of an owl.

I'm not hugely in love with owls as we have to watch out for hawks and owls when our little dog is outside but I do like this painting because it's much looser than I usually paint.  I also painted it on a floor tile that's about 9 x 12" with a sort of pebbly surface.  The surface really grabbed the paint yet allowed it to flow so I could fade out the feathers on the bottom.

I'll be back to show more of what I've painted in the past few months.


Sue Clinker said...

yeaaaayyyy! I had to do a double-take here. Thought you'd deserted us Jan LOL.

Lovely to see your work on here. The pugs turned out beautifully and I love the owl. Wish I had your versatility to switch between different media ... I can manage pastels to pencils but never have got the hang of a paintbrush.

Look forward to seeing more work soon now that you've started the ball rolling again.

Jan said...

Thank you, Sue. I don't know how versatile I am and am not sure it's a good thing to switch back and forth between media but the truth is that I get bored painting in just one medium.

Besides, don't you paint rocks? I've seen them so know you can handle a paintbrush with the best of them!

Sue Clinker said...

haha, touche Jan. I have some rocks which are long overdue for painting - they have a base coat of black but I really must get cracking on them this Summer LOL