Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving - Tomorrow!

I know most of you here in the United States have already celebrated Thanksgiving and we have too as every day is a day of thanksgiving for us.  But the day Abraham Lincoln set aside as a national day of thanksgiving was celebrated this past Thursday.

We rarely get to celebrate holidays on the day they actually occur.  We have two grown children with their own children and with in-laws, out-laws, the granddaughter's boyfriend and step parents not to mention that our son works for a bank and it's federal law that the banks can't be closed for more than 3 days in a row.  That really messes up a holiday for him unless it falls on a Friday or a Monday and messes them up for us since he lives far enough away that it's difficult for them to come especially with the other family obligations he has.

So, I've been cooking up a storm for the past couple of days and am just quitting even though I haven't made any dinner rolls yet.  If I don't feel like it tomorrow, my husband will go to the grocery store and get some from the freezer section (horrors!!)  I try to do everything homemade and really like to make bread - shucks, one year we even did homemade pizzas for Thanksgiving with homemade crust and all.  But the important thing is that we get to spend time with the family and our daughter & son are bringing some of the goodies for this feast so I'll have more time to relax with everyone.

But, I'm proud of the completely from scratch homemade pies I baked earlier today.  We have 40+ pecan trees and they finally decided to drop their nuts - several weeks past the usual time but at least in time for Thanksgiving pecan pie!   I'm so tempted to cut into one of the pies just to make sure it tastes ok.  I'm NOT a Martha Stewart type so usually the food I make tastes much better than it looks.  I just hope in this case that the opposite isn't true as these are the best looking pies I think I've ever made!

Even the crust didn't overbrown or chip off!  Of course, the decorative edge isn't so decorative but I know no one will care as long as it tastes good!

So, dear readers, tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving and I just want you to know that I'm always thankful for you!


Sue Clinker said...

I'm way too late to wish you Happy Thanksgiving but those pies look wonderful.. How did they taste ?

I didn't thank you for sending me the recipe for your bread rolls ... we're dieting at the moment as both need to shed a few lbs gained whilst on holiday. As soon as we (David) gets fed up with the diet we'll be trying the recipe and will let you know what we think!

Jan said...

The pie was really, really good - very surprising because I tend to overwork a pie crust (they say a good bread baker has trouble with pastry & I've found that to be true).

The pie was sampled by everyone & pronounced exceptional but we had a huge dinner so there was little room for dessert.

I hope the recipe for the rolls was clear to you as I know our measurements are different from yours and what we call some ingredients are probably different also. Please do let me know what you think!