Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another Maltese Painting

I've been on a Maltese dog painting jag for quite a while now and while I have other paintings either in progress or waiting to be done, I don't see any signs of me wanting to paint anything else for the foreseeable future.

This painting is a watermedia painting which in this case simply means that I used both watercolor and gouache to paint it.  I guess it could rightly be called a watercolor painting but most people associate the term "watercolor" with transparent watercolor while gouache is still watercolor but is completely opaque.

Anyway, I belong to an online dog group and used parts of the various Maltese photos posted there to come up with this dog.  It is mainly from the photos I took at the meet-up with another member who lives in Raleigh though.  It's also a bit fantasized (is that a word?) or cartoonized (I'm pretty sure that one definitely isn't a real word!) as I wanted to use it for our Christmas cards and didn't want anything too realistic.

Enough with the explaining - here it is:


Sue Clinker said...

I like this 'loose' style of painting ... and it suits the Maltese perfectly, all soft and flowing.

Its good that you're painting again

Jan said...

Thank you, Sue. It's good to be painting but this time of the year doesn't allow a lot of time for it! Have a couple more I want to paint but don't know when I'll get to them.

Sue Clinker said...

I sympathise. I've had a 'run' of black coated animals recently and its so difficult working in poor light. I do have daylight bulb lamps but still struggle!

Jan said...

Yes, the light is horrible especially with the rainy weather we've had, but also because this time of the year is so busy. It's kinda like a double whammy!