Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Taboret Finished!

Whew!  Just finished the last of the painting on the taboret and think it looks pretty good.  The only thing I'd change (& I plan to order them after Christmas) is that I'd use the locking hinged shelf supports (like THIS) instead of the gate-legs we have.  We decided to go with the gate-legs because we thought they looked better than the more industrial looking metal shelf support.

The gate-leg had to be cut shorter than we'd planned in order to avoid the hinges on the top lift-up extensions.  They still work but I'd be a little leery of placing anything too heavy toward the outer edges of the extensions.

As soon as the paint dries, I'll be able to use the taboret and we can replace the gate-legs at our leisure.

I wanted to clarify one design point too.  The reason the top extends out past the body of the taboret is so that I'll have room for feet while working.  If the top wasn't out just a bit, my feet would be kicking the bottom of the taboret since there isn't any toe room.  It was something of a challenge to make sure there was enough foot room yet the cabinet would be stable and not tip forward.  Also, I want to be sure I could easily reach inside the cubby hole.  I think we ended up with about a three inch overhang. 

My husband is wonderful and rarely complains but he really likes order, especially in the kitchen.  I know he'll be so glad to get this moved into the studio and out of the way.  And even though I'm a bit more relaxed about art related messes, I totally agree with him on this!  We're both glad it's finished!

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