Saturday, December 12, 2015

Alpacas - Who Knew?

My father, who is in his mid 90's, suffers from being cold like a lot of older people.  He has particular trouble keeping his feet warm so I went searching for something that would help. 

I found that Alpaca wool is warmer than any other plus it isn't itchy and has the ability to wick moisture away from the body so I went searching for clothing made from Alpaca wool. 

Talk about serendipity!  I happened upon an posting about an Alpaca breeding farm not far from where we live who was selling Alpaca wool and some garments and socks this weekend only.  Well, my husband and I just got back from the farm and I got the only pair of thick socks in my father's size plus I got quite a few photos of the Alpacas themselves!

I haven't finished processing most of the photos but here's a quick sample.  Aren't they the most interesting creatures?  I'm not sure if I have anything good enough for a painting reference but I hope so as I'd like to attempt the mophead-like hair as shown in this last photo. 

That would take more bravery to attempt than I have at the moment though so it might be quite a while before you see an Alpaca painting from me.

Oh, the socks are very soft and cushy feeling so I hope they work for my dad.  I know one thing, Alpaca wool must be very excellent indeed as those socks were very expensive!


Sue Clinker said...

David and I went 'walking with alpacas' 2 years ago - they are lovely creatures but very temperamental and we were given strict instructions about how to handle them .... now matter how cute they look, they don't like being stroked or petted etc ... and I agree the products made from alpaca fur/hair are very expensive, but so wonderfully soft and warm.

I did write about our trip here:

Jan said...

I remember that post, Sue and I envied you all for getting that opportunity. The alpacas at this farm were mostly behind very high fences and there were several Anatolian Shepherds to guard them so no attempt was made to touch them. Most of the ones outside just ignored us and went about their business. They didn't even come close to the fence.

The two inside the barn wanted treats (according to the lady in charge)so did gather around the gate. Again, we didn't try to touch them, but could have as they were so close.

You're right about the Alpaca products being expensive. If the socks hadn't been for my dad, I wouldn't have spent so much for them. I think $30 for one pair of socks is just a little bit over the top! All I can say is that they better live up to the claims!

Anonymous said...

You rock dear Sister getting him those socks! I know he will enjoy them very much. One year we gave him special socks from Merino Wool (could have been when we went to Ireland) and he liked them very much.

The alpaca ones will really thrill him as I have seen the wool around our area and it rocks.
Thank YOU for getting them for him. I didn't even think about socks!

By the way, I like the photos:) Hope you can paint the one!

Jan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sister! It all worked out so perfectly as you know what a hermit I am & I had no idea this farm even existed. It's not far from where I used to take riding lessons so you know how close it is. Evidently we were just meant to get him those socks as the farm doesn't have a regular store. They are a breeding facility and just opened a part of the barn to sell their own yarn plus some commercial Alpaca products for this past weekend only.

Anyway, yes, I plan to paint one of the Alpacas once Christmas is over!

Come back in a little while as I'm in the process of posting about my taboret!