Friday, January 22, 2016

Just Plain Fickle!

I've not done much painting lately as wood carving (yes, wood carving!) caught my fancy and I tried my hand at that for a while. 

I really like learning new things, seeing if I can 'conquer' a new craft and, well, just being a very fickle woman!

But wood carving!  You all know how much I like working with wood so carving would seem to be a natural progression but I have to admit - I totally suck at it! 

This is what I accomplished after many days and several sliced fingers!

This Santa figure was from a beginner tutorial that I found on the internet.  Notice I said beginner tutorial!  Who screws up with a beginner tutorial?  Well, I did.  I admit I don't have the best or most in the way of carving tools, but still, I shouldn't have all the fuzzy wood fibers left after carving.  Unfortunately, the tutorial didn't tell you what to do about them or even how to avoid them in the first place. 

And this is my excuse for neither painting nor updating my blog.  Sore, bleeding fingers aren't the best for either painting or typing!


Sue Clinker said...

That's spooky. First time I've visited Blogger for nearly 3 weeks and I see you've just posted. So sorry to hear about the sore fingers and hope they're healing quickly. What now? Will you try more carving or give your fingers a break and do some painting?

We fly back to UK on Sunday but I have the dreaded dental treatment scheduled for Monday - so not sure when I'm going to feel like picking up my pencils again. Catch up next week. Suex

Jan said...

Hi Sue! So glad to hear from you. You know me, I play with some art thing for a while then switch to something else. I tried some alcohol inks yesterday but didn't produce anything noteworthy.

Hope your dental work goes quickly and smoothly!