Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Alcohol Ink Painting

Sue Clinker, from the Pencil Pix blog, asked how the alcohol inks were applied.  I mainly poured, or dropped the ink with the last painting I posted here but did use a brush to push the ink where I wanted it.  I also sprayed the inks with plain alcohol which gave a lot of the texture.

The following painting was mostly done with a brush which gives a little more control but I don't think it's nearly as pretty.

The background was done by dropping different inks onto the Yupo, then the painting was sprayed with plain rubbing alcohol.  I don't have a lot of colors so the coneflower center didn't come out as dark as I'd wanted but I was able to darken it some with some Bic colored markers that I had.  However, I think that ruined it so I'm not posting the revised painting! 

There are tons of tutorials for the inks out there with a lot of them on YouTube.  Some I'd like to try are:
The above shows what can be done.

And I definitely want to try this one:

Hope these show a little of how to work with the inks.  If none of these appeal to you, just look around the internet!

So many things to try and so little time!

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