Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jumping Around Again

I was arranging stuff in my taboret and found my watercolors.  Actually, I knew where they were but for some reason they caught my attention and I painted this ginger kitten.

There's a good reason the watercolors stay put away for long stretches of time (although I will use them in conjunction with gouache from time to time).  I just don't have the light touch and patience required for those beautiful, transparent watercolors that I admire so much.  Waiting for an area to dry completely rarely happens with me so I end up with more streaks, hard edges and cauliflowers than the average bear!

Anyway, I tried------------------------


Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan

Well, as a non-painter I'm not qualified to offer any technique advice but I do rather like this ... the light is wonderful and the expression fabulous.

Just because it isn't as transparent as you'd like doesn't mean it isn't good .. but I know how you feel when you don't achieve the goal you aimed for. Been there, done that!

Jan said...

Thanks Sue, I do think it would be better if I had just started over instead of trying to fix it!