Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Watercolor Paintings

I'm still playing with watercolor - painting some on Graphix DuraLar Matte and some on some cheap Canson watercolor paper that I bought at WalMart.  No great masterpieces but I am learning and that's the whole point for me.

Holstein on DuraLar Matte

This first painting is watercolor on DuraLar Matte.  It was the first painting on that support and it shows!  However, DuraLar is not usually used with watercolor so I guess it's not bad for what it is!

Apple on DuraLar Matte

This apple was done from life and the colors aren't quite as bright as you see here.  I experimented with painting on both sides which worked better than I'd expected.  I wanted to wash out the shadow but that didn't work out as planned!

Watercolor on Canson

I call this one "Blowin' in the Wind'.  It's an experiment in negative painting as well as color washes.  I need to get some decent watercolor paper if I'm going to continue with this medium as the Canson doesn't work very well.  You'd think it would be a decent paper since I think Canson makes the much preferred Arches watercolor paper.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am painting and a real masterpiece is on the way!  lol


Sue Clinker said...

I admire your versatility Jan (and your determination). These all look fine to me but I'm surprised to learn you can paint on Duralar as I believe that's what we call drafting film? I've used it with coloured pencils and like the effect although its very restrictive on layering as its such a smooth surface (but you can work on the back also).

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue, you know how much I like to play with the different art media. Yes, the DuraLar Matte is the same as your drafting film and there is even some made specifically for water media. This particular film isn't but still works pretty well. I think it would work better with the Alcohol Inks though.