Friday, September 30, 2016

White Rabbit Syndrome

watercolor on paper
Here lately I've felt like the white rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass book(s)!  It seems I'm always trying to catch up!

Here is my latest painting (except for a watercolor class exercise) and I think I like it.  At least it's a bit different from my usual!


Sue Clinker said...

From one 'white rabbit' to another .. LOL. This is very different from your usual work Jan. I really like its quirkiness and imagine it would be very saleable. Perhaps you should work on a series of these?

Jan said...

A series of these? LOL I haven't even finished what I'm supposed to be working on!!!

But thanks for stopping by with words of confidence that I could do a series!

Sue Clinker said...

I mean it ... you could be onto 'something' with these! Suex

Jan said...

Thanks, you're a love to say so. And thanks for commenting again as I just noticed I'd spelled 'syndrome' wrong! I really do know how to spell it but must have been in a hurry and left off the e!