Saturday, September 10, 2016


I haven't finished the portrait of Tristin but I did work on a bunny painting for my nephew and niece who are expecting.  They purchased a dry sink from an antique store that had already been painted with bunnies that they wanted to use as a changing table. So my niece wanted me to do some paintings for the walls of the nursery to go along with it.  The bunnies on the table were somewhat folk-art style and painted in what looks to be acrylic so I used acrylic to paint the following (& y'all know how well acrylics and I get along!!!)

Acrylic 8x10"

But this went fairly well except for the mottled coat of the gray rabbit which was somewhat difficult to achieve.  I think I'm going to have to get with my friend, Sue (PencilPix blog), and see how she does the ticking in some of her animals! 

I think this is much like the examples in the photo of the dry sink my niece sent but it doesn't look much like a painting for a nursery so I'm going to paint others in different styles with different backgrounds (all of the bunny paintings on the table had a dark floor and background).  She wanted several paintings and if I do different ones, she can choose what she really wants.

I'll post them all here and let you know what she ends up choosing!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

looks pretty mottled to me :) I just use small short brush strokes to get the effect, not sure what Sue does tho

Jan said...

Thanks for the comment, Jennifer. I guess it does look mottled but really meant the ticking of a roan horse for example. The small, short brush strokes would do it though, I was just being lazy and looking for a quicker way especially when mine don't look natural! lol