Monday, August 29, 2016

A Project and A Class Report

I guess I'll start with the watercolor class I attended yesterday and report that it was actually fun and while I didn't do my best work by a long shot, at least I didn't freeze and was able to participate.

Those are tomatoes in case you couldn't tell!  We were supposed to paint a 'round fruit' and I forgot about taking something til the last minute when I grabbed up a tomato from the garden.

The first tomato is wet on dry and I didn't have time to finish it as it was done second.  The other tomato was done wet in wet and was much harder for me to do.

I was pleased that I was able to paint the tomato without using a sketch and I wasn't pleased that I forgot to leave the white of the paper for highlights!  

And I've been working on a project for my nephew and his wife that I completed today.  Both of them are just the loveliest people and such a ball to be around.  They joined us when my sister visited and we were at the beach and took part in the ferry trip to both the Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Shackleford Banks.  Anyway, they wanted a painting of the lighthouse on an oar and I've just finished it.  My DH insisted on cutting out the oar shape where he promptly broke the band saw blade!  After finally finding another one to fit, I prepped the oar and put on the design from a photo we took from the ferry.  Here is the result.

I texted a photo of it to them this morning and they both loved it (Whew!)  I also found out that they're going to have a baby and they want some bunny paintings for the nursery.  You know that's right up my alley and my head is spinning with lots of ideas but have a portrait of a beautiful Golden Retriever to finish first.

My dear friend, Tammy, lost her baby not too long ago and she wanted a portrait to go with the others I've done over the years.  This is the same woman who lost Zoe in July.

Although Zoe was actually her husband's dog and they only married a couple of years ago, Zoe was still very special to her and her husband both.

This is a hard portrait for me as the dog was a large part of my life for several years too.  Tammy and I have been friends for ages and I've been around her dogs a lot during that time.  Tristan was a real love and it's hard to think of him as gone.  I'll miss him a lot also.

So I hope I can do the best job ever on his portrait and I also hope the bunnies work out as well as I envision also.

I'll keep you posted!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

The lighthouse on the oar is a good idea and nicely done :)
good luck with the dog portrait, looking forward to it and the emotions you feel about his passing will probably help actually in painting it. the painting might help you with your feelings about his passing, hmm if that makes any sense ):

Jan said...

Thanks, Jennifer,
I liked the way the oar came out and it really looks better in person. I also added some flying birds and that gives it a more 'beachy' look.

I've been working on the portrait of Tris for some time and you would think painting him would help. But it actually doesn't. I wonder if it's because I'm too familiar with him?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it might be because of that. I know I had a hard tie drawing one of my old dogs for that reason. pressure to make a good painting might not be helping either but hard not to feel pressured when its a dog you knew and loved :)

Jan said...

I don't know, it's always been hard to draw animals I knew well. I just know I need to do a good portrait for my friend and to honor Tris