Saturday, August 13, 2016

Time To Play!

My new art order arrived yesterday and I decided to play a bit.  Most of the order wasn't anything special - just replacements for stuff I was getting low on but I did order two new watercolor brushes.  One arrived fine but the other was not what I had ordered so will have to be returned.

Anyway, I did play with the one new brush and the following is the result:

As you can see, it's one of our little Carolina Wren fledglings.

I like the new brush - it's an Escoda Versatil and this line was recommended to me because I paint in gouache as well as transparent watercolor.  Gouache is hard on brushes and would probably destroy an expensive sable brush in short order - at least the way I paint!  This brush is synthetic but supposedly behaves much like sable.  I've never owned a sable brush that I know of so can't compare the two but this brush holds a lot of water and also has great snap.  In other words, I like the way it handles.

Ok, off to try it with another subject!  Hopefully, I'll paint something worthy of posting here!

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Sue Clinker said...

That's a real cutie Jan .... looking forward to more like this.