Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Bandits Take a Bath!

My DH and I have decided that we're very easily entertained.  It's been very hot and dry here the past week or two so my husband set out a tray of water for the critters.  Of course, the baby raccoons found it right away and have been enjoying both drinking and playing in the water!  We've had a ball watching them and I just wanted to share a bit of the fun with some photos I got of them.

It's always fun to dunk your sibling!

Bathing amongst the butterflies and flowers

The aftermath after the bath!
I start a local watercolor class today and think I'm looking forward to it.  I normally don't get all that much from a workshop/class setting mainly because you either just observe the instructor paint or are told to paint and are at a loss as to how to go about it.

I hope this class will be different.  I know the instructor and admire her skill with watercolor and I think she's the type who will really teach - hope so anyway.

It's to start in a very short time so I need to go get ready for it!  Will let you know how it goes and you can watch this blog for my masterpiece!  lol

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