Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Play Time!

And even our 'bandits' are taking time out to play and to get into nischief!

I don't know if you can tell or not but that's a baby raccoon butt going over the fence to the vegetable garden!  The garden is my husband's domain and he thinks it's cute that the little thieves have learned to get into the garden as well as into the back yard in general!  He just feels that way because most of the vegetables have quit producing for the season but what about all the new and tender vegetables we should have next year?

Well, as I said, that's his problem but I have a feeling he'll regret not doing something now while they're little!  Grown raccoons can wreak havoc!

I got a replacement brush today for the one that I ordered that wasn't right.  And Jerry's Artarama was kind enough to let me keep the brush that was wrong.  I'm sure it would have cost them more to pay for returning it than the cost of the brush but it was a nice thing to do anyway and filbert brushes are my favorite for painting in gouache.

The new brush gave me an excuse to play today and I painted a great egret standing on a sand bar waiting to catch dinner!  I call it "Fishing Without a License" and it was something of a quickie.

Hmmm, the shading doesn't show up all that well on this monitor so hope it does for yours.  It was a fun painting after spending most of the day at, or traveling to or from, the coast.

My husband and I took three of my paintings down to Harker's Island to the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum for the annual NC Wildlife Artists Society exhibition.  The people at the Museum are just wonderful and the Museum itself is fabulous with lots to look at and learn about.  Last year was my first time there but Pam Morris, the Director, is such a pleasure to know that it felt like I'd been doing the show for years.

Anyway, the show gets underway on Friday, August 19th with an opening reception that is supposed to be like no other.  I'm told the Museum isn't satisfied with cheese and crackers and cheap wine but puts on a spread that could pass for a full meal.  The reception is open to the public so if you're in the area, you should make it a point to attend!  I'd love to go but it's so far down there plus it's at 8 pm which is almost bedtime for us old fogies!  One glass of wine and I'd probably fall asleep!

The show is supposed to run from August 19. 2016 to November 17, 2016 so hope you can make it sometime during those dates.

OK, back to playing with my new brush - I want to do some more painting before I decide whether I like it or not.  I do like the #8 round Escoda Versatil but this #12 is made a bit differently so I'm not as sure about it yet.

Maybe another new painting tomorrow or at least a WIP.


Sue Clinker said...

I think your coons are a little like our garden squirrels - we 'squirrel-proof' the bird-feeders and take steps to stop them getting into the house but have to admire their intelligence and tenacity in working out ways to beat our restraints. Plus, they're quite cute when they're not being destructive!

On my monitor I can't really see the shading on your egret painting, just a white outline really so maybe you can re-photograph it?

Wishing you a successful show - its a long exhibition so hopefully you'll get lots of footfall and make some sales. Suex

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

good luck with the show :)

yeah coons are cute and fluffy and full of laughable antics...until they break into rubbish bins or destroy gardens :/ we never had any problems with raccoons in Ontario, mostly due to having dogs and the other predators in the area. but when they did show up at the neighbors, the left a big mess and ate all the fish in their pond

Jan said...

Thanks for commenting Sue and Jennifer.

Sue, I don't know why all monitors can't be the same! I adjusted the painting til it looked almost clown-like in color before posting and yet it looks washed out online!

Jennifer, my husband just loves watching these baby coons but I keep telling him that they'll grow up soon and they'll make him want to shoot them. Fortunately, we don't keep garbage outside but we do usually have a big garden! Oh, well, I've warned him!