Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Painting But No Raccoons!

Time certainly flies and it seems more so the older you get!

We haven't seen the little raccoons for a couple of days now and aren't sure why.  Raccoons are normally nocturnal and are rarely seen during the day time so it may be the little ones finally have their internal clocks calibrated.  Or it may be that some older raccoons have told them to find their own territory.  We don't know where they are or the reason they've quit coming around but have to say we miss them!

I've been doing a little painting with transparent watercolor lately and the following is the result.  An artist acquaintance is determining whether a watercolor class is feasible so I hope to learn more and improve if I get to take the class.  Here is a painting that I finished yesterday:

The color isn't quite as intense as shown here.  I took this with my old camera and it tends to produce more vibrant coloring.  I did try to adjust it but it looked even worse!

Off to take care of some tomatoes from the garden - I think fresh salsa is in order, don't you?


Sue Clinker said...

I love the crop on this flower Jan ... draws attention to the colourful stamen and the shadows cast in the centre of the flower.

Its always so difficult trying to get faithful reproductions with photos isn't it?


Jan said...

Thanks, Sue, Yes, it's really the pits trying to get good photos!