Friday, December 23, 2016

Another Bunny

It's been sort of slow going trying to paint bunny rabbits for my nephew and his wife for their nursery.  I did find out that they're having a little boy so do think they should be able to find a rabbit painting or two from what I've done.  Of course, they can have all of them if they want!

Here's the latest - it's pastel with an acrylic 'mat' on Art Spectrum's ColourFix Suede, a support I usually like for pastel work.

It's getting close to Christmas so hope everyone has their shopping done, travel plans made (or accomplished), the baking done and have had time to put up their feet and relax a little.  I wish all of you a very blessed Christmas season!  Of course, I'll post a card too in the coming days!


Sue Clinker said...

I'm enjoying the bunny posts .. such cuties and the colours are so welcome on these grey gloomy Winter days. Keep them coming!

Jan said...

Glad you like the bunnies. I thought I'd be able to paint several for niece & nephew to choose from but it's been more difficult than I thought. I just don't know where the time goes!