Thursday, April 20, 2017

Untitled Swans

Hello Boys and Girls, long time no post - again!  No excuses for not posting but it seems that I just hibernated this winter and it was only the advent of spring that awakened my creative juices again!  So, with no further ado let me present my first real painting of 2017!!!!!!

Gouache on Canvas

I'm not absolutely sure it's finished though, can't think of a good title and am still trying to figure out what to do with the frame!!!

Any input you can give would be most appreciated!    The frame is the only one I could find to fit  and I'm wondering if it would look better in another color, if so, what color would you suggest?  BTW, the frame is not yet attached to the painting so the horizon isn't as crooked as it looks here!

Now that I've awakened, I have several other paintings in the works so hopefully it won't be so long until my next post!


Sue Clinker said...

Ha... was just about to email you and thought I'd check Blogger first. So pleased to see you've finished the swans and what a great start to your 2017 art!

I think the frame is good and the white doesn't distract from the lovely colours in the background.

I'm useless with titles ... all I can suggest is 'lift off'?


Jan said...

I didn't think I'd hear from you as I thought you'd be in Fuerte!

Thanks for the comment on the swans although I've tweaked a tiny bit since posting - you always see something that needs changing once it's posted!

Still working on a title although think I've narrowed it down to about 3 or 4!

Will keep you posted!