Friday, April 28, 2017

The Pond - A Very Attractive Place

I know the pond looks pretty ragged right now.  My husband planted grass last fall and now it's really growing tall but we want it to so it will develop seed for resowing.  Also the banks look raw and eroded due to all the rain at one time.  And this spring has been the time for planting perennials which will bloom in the future.  Yes, the pond area is looking pretty sad but it's still very attractive to some visitors.

I guess since we've stocked the fish, the herons and the geese and ducks will be visiting more often!  The herons at least will fly fairly quickly if they see us and while the pond is a pretty good distance from the house, they have pretty sharp eyes.  I was only allowed to get this photo by hiding behind a porch pillar and using the zoom on my camera.

Hopefully, the Canada geese are too busy raising their families to realize that the pond now has fish as they're a nuisance that's harder to deter than the heron!


Sue Clinker said...

Now that's a painting in the making if ever I saw one! Suex

Jan said...

Yes, except the pond looks so bad! However, the guy finally cut the hay fields & DH is in the process of cleaning around the edges of the pond so it's looking better. This morning there were wild turkeys around the pond.