Monday, August 13, 2018

High Seas And Ground Clutter

I've been really trying to be disciplined and paint every day but in spite of the best intentions, it doesn't always happen.

But I've made tiny inroads for the past week or so and painted a seascape for my niece and a basket of tomatoes from our garden.

The seascape is acrylic on board and the basket of tomatoes (I call it Basket of Summer) is gouache on Arches watercolor paper. 

The basket of tomatoes was for a challenge at an art group I belong to and isn't as finished as I'd like.  I hope to paint it again in the future though.

I'm still plugging away at an oil painting of a fox and another seascape so look for updates in the near future!


Sue Clinker said...

So sorry Jan, I scrolled through posts yesterday but totally missed this one and thought you hadn't been painting!!!

They're both lovely - I'm sure your niece will be delighted with her seascape.

Although you say it isn't as finished as you'd like, I really like the tomato basket (Basket of Summer). I thought it was watercolour until I read your description again. Lovely painting!

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue,

I missed seeing your comment as I wasn't notified that you had posted one!

Yes, my niece said she really liked the seascape.

I have worked a bit more on the 'Basket of Summer' tomato painting (which I should have noted as gouache) but haven't posted it again. Maybe I will eventually. It just seems that I can paint or I can write about painting and it's been difficult to do both! But, you know how that goes!

Thanks again for stopping by!