Friday, August 31, 2018

Hummingbird on AlumaComp Painting Panel

About this time last year I got some samples of AlumaComp aluminum painting panels at the Jerry's Artarama 'Art of the Carolinas' trade show.    I didn't quite know what to do with them at the time so I've only recently started painting on them.

First I tried using casein with Liquitex clear gesso.  I couldn't finish the painting.  I'm not sure whether it was the casein or the Liquitex gesso as I'm not fond of either!

I did want to paint so the aluminum background would show so I recently read that Golden's GAC 100 would work as a clear surface treatment.  As you can see in the following photo, it's perfect for preserving the look of the aluminum background.

Here is a painting of one of our little hummingbirds in the early morning light waiting for its turn at the nectar feeder.

Alkyd Oil on Aluminum Panel - 6x8 inches

I really like this panel when used with oil paint but I think the metallic background is a bit less effective with these hummingbird colors.  This is a female Ruby Throated hummingbird although the lighting makes it look like another species.  Also, she was all fluffed up while you usually see the birds with their feathers all neatly sleeked back and groomed.

Art of the Carolinas is coming up again in November and I may just have to get some more of these panels or mail order even sooner!  It's so nice when a new support (& new toy) works as well as you'd hoped!


Sue Clinker said...

I like this very much Jan.

Look forward to seeing more work on these panels.


Jan said...

This framed up beautifully and I think is my favorite of recent paintings.

I really like these aluminum panels but doubt I buy more of them as I'm told the price is getting ready to skyrocket. Or, I may try to buy before the price increase. We'll see.

Jan said...

forgot to mention that I added some leaves to the branch and think that enhanced the painting. Also got a silver plein aire frame that really sets it off. It was pricey but worth it, I think.