Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cradled Hardboards Finished

This was the last cradled hardboard and I just finished gluing and clamping it. 

The first one I did, I glued the frame (or cradle) together first before attempting to attach the hardboard and that was not a good idea.  It's hard enough getting everything right using the right power tools but it's nearly impossible using hand tools.

Even though I'd measured and dry-fitted (twice!) the cradle ended up being about a sixteenth of an inch wider than the hardboard so my husband is going to try to plane it down to size once the glue is firmly set.

With this last cradle, I glued each section to the hardboard, dry-fitting as I went and that worked out so much better!  It's a lot easier to make adjustments on one or two sections than to try to adjust a finished product!

Once everything is completely finished and the paintings are attached to the hardboards, I'll take more photos to show you how they look. 

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