Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last Hurrah

The dahlias and some other flowers are still blooming their little hearts out even at this time of the year.  But, all that colorful beauty will probably come to an end tonight as we're expected to get our first frost by tomorrow morning.

It shouldn't be a killing frost but I thought I'd save some of the flowers anyway as I thought they might be damaged if not totally zapped by the cold weather.  Hopefully these will last until the weather warms up again as it usually does at least once before the cold sets in for good for the winter.

Enjoy them while you can - I know I will!


Sue Clinker said...

So pretty Jan. Thanks for sharing.

We've had very strong winds and torrential rainshowers for a few days (with an unseasonal warm afternoon on Monday) so we have very few flowers left in the garden, and very few apples left on the trees !!

But .. I dont think we have frosts forecast just yet. You can keep the frost to yourself LOL

Jan said...

I'd just as soon not have any frost either but it is that time of the year for us. Fortunately, the winters usually aren't all that severe.

We got maybe a handfull of apples off about 15 trees - don't know what happened to them this year.