Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Lie

I know, I know - the correct wording in the 9th commandment is "Thou shalt not bear false witness" but it still means the same as thou shalt not lie, doesn't it!  And, even though the Bible says that we should love our neighbor as ourselves (& I guess that means FedEx drivers too), it doesn't mean that we can't be thoroughly disgusted with them!

I mean, how would you feel to have stayed home all day waiting for a package that was supposed to have been delivered today only to find the following on your online tracking page?

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Honestly, (well, at least honestly on my part) is there any wonder that I blog about FedEx in a negative light from time to time?  Why couldn't the driver have just said that it was late and he didn't want to make a delivery way out in the country?  Why lie about it?  Was he (or she) afraid the boss would fire him?  Why put it out for delivery in the first place if he had too much to take care of for the day?

Well, I certainly hope the package will be delivered tomorrow and I will definitely check carefully to make sure it's in good shape when it does finally arrive!

FedEx, this is just the first of November - what are you gonna do when the Christmas season really hits?

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