Saturday, October 12, 2013

Neither Fish Nor Fowl

I'm not sure I ever completely understood that phrase until now (although I'm still not totally sure!  lol)  But I think it has to do with something not being one thing but not another either.  Maybe something sort of in limbo?

Well, I can identify with that.  I had cataract surgery on one eye last Wednesday and I can't really see out of either eye at the moment.  I opted for something called "monovision" where the lenses used are of different prescriptions - the left eye will have a lens suited for close work and the right eye will have a lens prescribed for distance.  I had contact lenses like that at one time (before wearing contacts became too uncomfortable to wear any longer) and it worked very well for me.

But, since only one eye has had surgery, I won't get the full effect until both eyes have been done along with a short time for adjusting to the new lenses.  And, it may not work exactly as planned as trying to determine the exact prescription for each eye with the cataract removed is not an exact science.  I'm hoping that I'll not have to wear glasses or contacts at all, of course.

But, I won't complain as I can already see better out of one eye than I ever could with both eyes without correction!  But, right now is a little tricky as I've popped one of the lenses out of my glasses but put a patch over the eye that had surgery so everything isn't all "wonky" especially when trying to read or write something.  You probably wouldn't be getting this post but I'm bored silly and since I'm fairly proficient at touch typing, I decided to give it a shot!

Unfortunately, I'm not a Monet where having cataracts turned me into a great artist as I find it impossible to paint.  Trying to do so gives me a raging headache so please be patient with me for a while longer.  Hopefully, I'll be back to painting in no time flat - then being neither fish nor fowl won't really matter - I'll be back to being an artist!

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