Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Missed It!

Happy New Year everyone!  I regret to say that I just couldn't make it to midnight last night so missed ringing in the new year.  What an old fuddy-duddy I've become!  Or maybe it's because I've seen so many new years in that I now need to catch up on my sleep!

And the new year is not the only thing we missed.  Every year we have a tradition of going into the tiny, tiny town next to us on Christmas Eve to see the lights and Christmas decorations people put up.  Our granddaughter from Maine was here with her husband so we spent much of Christmas Eve day with them and honestly forgot about going out after they left. 

We went out last night to see if there were still any decorations left up but they were few and far between.  I guess people started taking them down soon after Christmas this year.

So, I guess 2013 could be classified as the year of missed opportunities - we'll try to do better next year!


Sue Clinker said...

Happy New Year Jan and Dayle.

Have to admit that after years of desperately seeking out New Year's Party venues (and usually finding them overpriced and over-rated) we were very happy to stay at home and see the New Year in very tamely - just the two of us and a bottle of bubbly LOL.

It is great to spend New Year with friends but as we've got older, fewer people hold parties at home (drink-driving, transportation problems etc)and our days of crashing out on people's sofas/floors are long gone so we'll settle for being fuddy duddy's also LOL

Wishing you a wonderful 2014!

Jan said...

Well, we're in great company then if you feel as we do!

I wish you and David a great 2014 also!