Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Carving Out Time

Well today was another carving group and I started another bird.  I like birds and this one is kind of special as I modified a public domain vector from a free website to make my own carving pattern.  Plus, my actual chosen project from the bin at the group is a large fox which I just didn't have the room or the inclination to work on today!

I had to take in the paintings for the exhibit and frankly, after carrying in a couple of boxes of paintings (11 of them), I didn't want to try to tuck a heavy, 18" long fox under my arm when the block for the little bird and all my supplies fit neatly into my purse!

Here's what I accomplished today after starting with a small rectangular block of wood.  This bird is actually going faster than the first one but I've also done quite a bit of 'carving' on my left hand! (Memo to self - take a supply of band-aids!):

It doesn't look like much but has honestly come a long way from the original block of wood. I don't know when I'll get to work on it but if I find time, it wouldn't surprise me to have it done before the next group session.  Oh, and I filled the crack in the first bird but it isn't dry yet so don't know how it will finish.  I wanted to use a nice oil but may end up painting it to conceal the patch of the crack.

Will keep you posted!


Sue Clinker said...

well it looks to me as though you got a lot achieved in one session? How long is a session?

It must be very therapeutic carving beautiful objects out of lumps of wood - till you wake yourself up with a knife knick of course!

Jan said...

Hi Sue! Yes, it is very therapeutic to carve and yes, you do become suddenly alert if you cut yourself!

We usually carve for about 2 hours but some of the time is spent arranging stuff, honing knives, chit-chatting, etc!