Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Paint-Along

Carolina Chickadee - gouache on paper

 I was asked to do a demo/paint-along for our local senior center and have been trying different subjects that should be easy enough for a total beginner to paint.  The little Carolina Chickadee above is the subject I chose. 

The ref photo came from a friend but has been simplified so much that no one would recognize it.  As a realistic painter, simplifing to make the subject easier for a beginner to paint was the most challenging part of the demo preparation!

There is to be a minimum of paint so it was also necessary to pick a subject that uses few colors and no mixing,  That means using black straight from the tube when I'd ordinarily mix my own or at least add blue or violet to the tube color.  But I'm hoping the participants will be able to paint something they're proud to take home.


Sue Clinker said...

That is lovely Jan ... a great subject (cute bird) and limited palette which I'm sure the participants will all love to paint. I hope you'll take photos and show us the results of the class paint-along in due course.

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue. Your comment made me grin as I wondered how in the heck I was supposed to lead a paint-along and take photos!!!!! But maybe I can get a 'class photo' where everyone shows their results when it's over.

Yes, the limited palette is something of a pain but if it weren't limited, I'm sure we'd be there all day trying to mix colors.

Thanks for stopping in, you've been missed!