Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Not All Is Painted

I think I've mentioned a time or two about how I get bored with a medium and like to switch it up now and then.  Add that to being an art supply junkie and I'm often enticed to try anything.

A girlfriend wanted to me go to a wood carving group with her and I needed very little encouragement to do it - as a matter of fact, I bought some cheap wood carving tools quite some time ago and did my best to carve a little Santa Christmas tree ornament.

So after about 3 weeks (3 days of 3 hours each once a week), I've finally finished a little bird I started on day one.  One of the group gave me a chunk of wood and I drew my bird on it and started carving.  It's mostly a group where everyone does their own thing but everyone is friendly and helpful.

This was carved totally from scratch while most carvings start from the basic shape cut out with a band or scroll saw.  I stopped at this point because a crack appeared and the wood started chipping out.  I was pretty pleased with the result though.  I'll let you all judge if I should continue the group!

The above photo was from last week.

This is as far as I wanted to take it.  See the crack?  It caused large chunks to chip out while I was carving the wings.

Wood carving is very relaxing but not something you can comfortably do while watching tv.  It's best to watch what you're doing instead of the tv screen.  Plus, the mess is horrendous!


Mary Klein said...

That's one sweet bird - well done!

It's great to have so much curiosity - *and* the talent to pursue your many interests. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Jan said...

Thank you, Mary. I've always loved to work with wood although I've not done much more than make my own frames in the past. The wood carving is very relaxing and is not so much talent as desire to do it.

Oh, even though we had a cold day yesterday (well, forties) we have several daffodils in full bloom. Today is supposed to be warm again so more will probably bloom.

Sue Clinker said...

I love your bird and ... yes you must definitely continue with the group. Such a shame the wood cracked .. was there a reason or was it just a flawed piece of wood?

Look forward to seeing more of these.

Jan said...

Hey Sue, I like the bird especially since it was a first real project and was from a largish block of scrap wood someone in the group gave me. I think there was probably a crack in the wood to begin with although I didn't see it until I'd carved a ways down. I just discovered I can fill it with some sawdust from the piece and some glue. I suppose regular wood filler would work too but if sawdust from the piece is used, the wood will match better. Since it's a noticeable crack, I'll try the sawdust and glue combo especially since I just plan to finish it with a furniture oil. It's not a masterpiece so won't go to much trouble for it.

Have a wonderful holiday! Have you heard from UKCPS?

Sue Clinker said...

Have you 'repaired' the crack yet? I hope its on display somewhere prominent in your home now.

No the results from the jury/panel won't be announced till 10 March so there's a while to go yet.

Jan said...

No, the crack remains as I've been busy with the demo & exhibit. I do hope to get to it soon though.

I'm sure both your pieces will be juried in!