Friday, August 2, 2013

A John Brown Mess!

I don't know where the expression "A John Brown Mess" came from but it's a favorite in this area for describing something that's so messed up it's likely never to be fixed!  Unfortunately, that describes my studio right now and I have guests coming in about two weeks!

If you've been a reader of my Pets To Posies blog, you'll know that I've gotten myself into this predicament before & I honestly don't realize it's happening until the studio is such a catastrophe that it takes a near miracle to get it back in order!

I think it happens because I tend to have several projects going on at one time and I think I'd do better if I did one thing at a time then cleaned up before starting something else.  But sometimes that's just not feasible.  It's the nature of paint to take a while to dry (unless it's acrylics which dry before you want them to!  lol)  and I just like to have something to keep me busy while waiting to go to the next step in a painting or project and I end up with stuff all over the place!

I'm really not this way when it comes to the rest of my life.  When I worked in an office, my desk was usually as neat as a pin and my house stays pretty neat too (especially considering that I share it with someone who's not exactly a neatnic himself!) so I'm not sure how my studio gets to be soooo messy!

Well, I refuse to call this a real John Brown Mess in that I know it can be straightened out.  However, it will take time, lots of time, so let me get to it!


Elizabeth Lamb said...

Ha ha ha Oh dear, I know what this is like, I have just been moving my studio round and putting things in proper order, and now I can't find anything... xx

Jan said...

Hee hee, yep, as bad as the studio is, I still know where everything is. Of course, it may take some time to dig down through the mess to actually get to it!

Thanks for stopping by, Liz!

Sue Clinker said...

I'm so embarrassed .... I didn't have your new Blog linked to my Reading List so have only just realised you've been posting/blogging like crazy and I now need to catch up.

Wasn't ignoring you - honest.

But ... I'm in the middle of mucking out my studio so will read/comment more later.

Jan said...

Gee, I thought you didn't love me any more! lol Not really, I just thought you were still busy with catching up after your holiday. It's good to see you though!