Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm So Excited!!!!

I know, I know, I should be preparing for my sister's visit but I just had the most amazing thing happen & I just had to share it with someone!

I had to run up to the Dollar General in our little rural community and there was the most lovely woman in line behind me.  She was dressed exactly like one of the women in a vision I've had for a painting!  Not only that, but I asked if I could take her photo and she let me!

I've had this vision rolling around in my head for probably a year or so but just couldn't get it to come together like I wanted.  This was mainly because I didn't have access to the specific painting reference photos I envisioned and I really need some good references as you all know I'm not normally a people portrait painter!

As I said, this lady was really pretty yet in the age range I was looking for.  The only problem is that the only "perfect" reference photo I have is of her & my vision calls for several ladies.

I want to tell you that God is good, He's so very good as not only was this lady willing to pose for me today but when I told her what I wanted the photo for, she offered to round up some friends to pose for me also! 

Now how often are you in the perfect place for the possibility of your dreams to be fulfilled? 

I'm excited, I'm really excited!  I can't wait to be able to start painting!


Sue Clinker said...

Ooooh now you've got us all intrigued. Are you going to share your vision with us or do we have to wait?

I'm still hunting for inspiration. Seems the more ref photos I trawl through the less certain I am about what to do next - I have hundreds of photos in my library here but just can't make the decision. Going to resort to making a short list and sticking a pin in I think!

Jan said...

You have to wait as I've waited a very long time to do this and I want to be very sure it will all come together.

I hope you find something you want to work on. I have tons of ref photos also and sometimes none of them are inspiring. Then I just start doodling with something and that will often spark something else.