Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The (Mostly) Clean Art Studio!

 Whew, I'm finally in the short rows with cleaning the studio - at least enough that I'm not too embarrassed to show it to you. 

The views are from #1 - the doorway, then panning to the right until we're back at the doorway again.

I still have some more straightening up to do but at least it's clean!  lol

Take note of the third photo, especially the blue pillow under the desk.  That's where our little Maltese stays when I'm in the studio.  However, lately she's refused to come in because I've been making a lot of noise with the vacuum        cleaner and other instruments of cleaning!  She hates noise of any kind so hides when we make any.

It won't be too long before my sisters arrive and now that the studio is nearly presentable, I'm getting excited!  Now I just have to do a little special cooking, make up the beds and I think we'll be ready!  But, this will probably be my last post for a while.  Sisters are special and if they come all this way to see me, I definitely want to spend some quality time with them!


Sue Clinker said...

Naaaah!! Can't be a PROPER studio - its far too clean and tidy LOL

Is that a 'Dors Kangaroo' hanging on your wall?

Hope you have a wonderful time with your sisters

Jan said...

Finally finished with the studio and yes, that's a beautiful Dors kangaroo! She brought it to me when they visited a couple of summers ago. What a treat!