Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Angus Calf Revised

Black Angus Calf - gouache on canvas panel

I changed the background on the calf and think it looks better but am still not sure about it.  I'd like to be able to varnish it today since the weather will be unsettled with rainy patches for the next several days but I'll just wait until I've had time for it to "marinate".

In the meantime, I've let the house go since I've been painting and really need to give it a good cleaning.  I remember back in the early days of television when it was predicted that our homes would be "self-cleaning" by now - ha!  Don't we wish!

That's the dilemma for me - I'm not "ambidextrous" enough to paint AND keep up the house and if you don't keep up with either, you tend to get so far behind that it seems as if you'll never catch up.  We did have a cleaning lady at one time but my husband decided that since I wasn't painting pet portraits any longer, that I would have time to take care of the house myself.  He also said he would help and the money saved could purchase more art supplies.  It turns out that he doesn't like to clean any better than I do, plus, he doesn't have a clue as to how to do it!

His idea of cleaning is to buzz through as quickly as possible and just make it look good.  I like the house to look clean but it has to be clean as well.  He does the same rush job when brushing the dog - she looks really good but there are still mats and tangles under that top layer of fur!  What is it with men?

But I won't complain too much - he's very supportive and as hard as it is to live with him sometimes, I would hate to live without him.

So, I guess I need to go get started cleaning!

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