Thursday, March 20, 2014

Red Angus Painting Update

Here is the latest update on the Red Angus cow painting!  lol  It just wasn't working so I scraped the paint off the canvas and covered the "ghost image" with a coat of white paint.  One of these days I'll go green, recycle or whatever you want to call it and paint something else on this canvas.

When my husband saw that I had scraped off the cow, he said he was glad.  He said he hadn't said anything before because he wanted to give me time to either fix it or realize it wasn't fixable.  But since I've "erased" it, he admitted he thought it looked very amateurish and almost as though a kindergartener had painted it. 

Please don't hold back, my love!  lol  But he was right and nothing I was doing to it was helping but seemed to make it worse.  I've always said he's my best critic!

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