Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mooooving On To Another Cow

Black Angus Calf
I just hate not being able to do something I want to do and right now, I want to paint a cow.  I know practice makes perfect so I tried again.  This is still not quite finished plus I'm debating the background and whether to change it or not. And I think I want to add the brand of my sister and brother in law's ranch to the ear tag.  Those are the major things plus a few tweaks here and there.

I really like the background as it is as it helps to show the calf plus it echos the colors in the ear tag.  However, I certainly don't want it to appear as if there's a fire behind the calf or become the focal point instead of the calf!

Decisions, decisions!  If any of you think painting is easy, I invite you to just try it!  BTW - this is gouache on a 6" x 6" canvas panel.

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