Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally Back Painting

It's been something of a long haul getting back to painting and I'm not feeling too successful with the comeback!  I have all these ideas floating around in my head but it's as if I'm learning to paint all over again when I try to get them down on paper or canvas.

I saw this photograph at a public domain photo site and immediately wanted to paint this big girl (well, I think it's a cow and not a bull but I really don't know!)  It's on a 12x12 inch square gallery wrapped canvas and I'm using the water soluble oils as I got some new brushes that I wanted to try.

The brushes are great but the person trying to use them is more than a little rusty!  After much time, work and a few less than nice words, I just got it out of the really ugly stage to this "it's getting there" ugly stage!  I know I'm on the verge of finishing it but I'm already tired of working on it!  I know the number one problem with artists is they tend to quit too soon.  I know I need to push on with this and get those lovely twirls of winter fur tamed and she really, really needs some eyelashes!

OK, someone give me that kick in the tail that I sorely need and make me finish this!  Or, is it so bad that I need to scrape it all off and paint something else?  So many of my recent paintings have ended up in the circular file - it would be so nice to paint something that works!


Sue Clinker said...

hi Jan. 1st time I've been able to look at Blogger for a week so I'm catching up now.

Strangely my problems are usually associated with 'overworking' pieces rather than 'underworking' them ... maybe that's just because I work in pencil/pastel rather than paint?

I think if you're bored with the picture its best to move on to something else then come back to this with fresh eyes to add all those finishing touches that make such a huge difference. I know she'll be gorgeous once you've added the 'beauty' touches - especially eyelashes LOL

Jan said...

I usually overwork my paintings too but this one is a little different. Maybe bored with it isn't the right word - probably frustrated is a better one as I'm having problems getting the paint to do what I want it to.

But I don't intend to give up on it. I just need some good uninterrupted time to figure out what to do next with her.

Thanks for stopping by - I know how hard it is for you to get online when you're in Fuerte!