Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thank You, Anastasiya!

Anastasiya Malakhova at Cat and Bear Studios ( http://artpicks.catandbearstudios.com) has selected some of my art to appear on her artpicks page http://artpicks.catandbearstudios.com/selection_03_11_2014_1.html.

Thank you Anastasiya for considering my paintings worthy enough to appear on your website, I do appreciate it!

As for the Red Angus cow painting that I showed you all yesterday, it's still sitting on the easel as I just haven't had time to do any more on it yet today.  To be honest, I'm hoping for a mighty blast of "Oomph and Inspiration" as I think I can finish it in just a few hours if I just knew what to do next.  It will come and I will be patient!

As always, watch this blog!

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